Procedamus in pace


And so we stand at the opening of the Year of Faith.

We look in anticipation and we offer our prayers. We pray that this will not be another celebration to throw on the heap of our memories, but a moment of conversion, of penance, of commitment.

On Monday our Holy Father explained to us that the new evangelization depends on our love and on the fire in our heart.

The Gospel is the word of God; Jesus Christ is the embodiment of this he is the final Word of God. This is why it is called Good News, it is God who communicates with us and weaves us in communion with his life as Trinity. This is what must set us on fire, a fire that according to the prayer and wish of Jesus must spread and set alight humanity. The new evangelization is the response of faith of each Catholic to the call of the Lord Jesus, a call and a relationship that must set the individual on fire with love and joy and faith.

We are the Church, formed by God through the prayers of the Apostles and the Blessed Virgin Mary as they waited on God in the Upper Room, brought alive by the fire and wind that spreads it of the Holy Spirit.

In listening and praying with Scriptures in our hands together with the whole Church we accept that holy fire to set us ablaze with love and the wind, to spread that call from God around us. People must see Jesus in our life; why are we so busy hiding this light under the bushel?

He who is Love has called us into this Love, in professing our faith we give ourselves in total surrender to this Divine and Eternal purifying Love.

During this Year of Faith, may we listen afresh to this Good News, may we live it to the full and may we bring it’s light in every corner of the World.


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