Of a saint and beads

The month of the most Holy Rosary opens with the feast day of the Little Flower – St Therese of Lisieux. Her childlike confidence in God and nobility of heart led her to emerge from the silence and hidden mansions of the cloister to be one of the brightest stars of Carmel. A name which by itself brings consolation to many Christians who surrounded by the tentacles of the present life still aspire for the childlike simplicity of the one who extolled the beauty of the Little Flower. May her teachings and her prayers continue to lead us up Mount Carmel, the figure of Christ himself. May we all share in her peace, her love and her smile.

The encouragement and warmth given to us by St Therese are attitudes which we can foster deeper within us during the month of October as we use daily our Rosary beads. For some of us in the Ordinariate the Rosary is not a new prayer, we bring it back with us from where it originated. My Anglican Spiritual Director used to remind me that when some Anglicans complain that we are introducing popish devotions such as the Rosary, we should always gently remind them that the Rosary came about before the split, whatever that meant. In my last post as an Anglican I inherited a Rosary group, small but faithful. The Walsingham cell also had opportunities where the Rosary was recited. I am more then certain that the Rosary helped us in the period of transition, that it was a shared heritage that enabled us to find in our new and true home a familiar landscape that made us feel more settled.

I am writing this to show the tenderness of Mary in preparing the way for some of us to be in union with the Holy See. For us she was truly the Star of the Sea that led us in a safe and true harbor built on the Rock. Let us use this month to fall back into that habit of holiness of praying the Rosary daily and using our beads. On the train, during a walk, on the bus or wherever we may be the Rosary beads are a sign of witness, a small start in the constellation of the New Evangelisation.

The Rosary and the Little Flower, what a good start for this month which will see the beginning of the Year of Faith.

Here in Westerham, the Rosary will be recited daily during the month of October.

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