The Holy Spirit descended on the Church on the Day of Pentecost, He has remained with His Church ever since.

On this day we come face to face with the reality of the continuing presence of the Holy Spirit with us. We realise that it is He that bonds us together; He that made us Christians; He that makes possible our sacraments and our prayers to happen. It is from Him that our holiness as Church comes from and our personal holiness as members of the Church is a sharing in His life.

He is the water that gives life, the breath that gives us existence. He turns the barren font into a continuous fresh supply of saints, He changes bread and wine into the Body and Blood of the Risen Christ, He makes priests out of ordinary mortals, He strengthens the weak, He forgives sinners, He makes available in the here and now the oblation offered once for all upon the cross, it is He who makes two persons in one in the sacrament of marriage. It is His indwelling with us that makes us His temples; it is He who constantly makes possible transfiguration and fills us with joy and peace, that joy and peace that the world can not give and that the world can not take away. O Holy Spirit how can we ever repay you? How great is your constant love!

Devotion towards the Holy Spirit is central to the Christian soul. The only approach we have is that of openness. In humility and repentance we await patiently for His touch. He is ready to come and hallow our existence if only we open up the doors for Him. How many times during a single day do we invite the Holy Spirit to come? How many times during the day do we trust Him and ask his wind and fire to blow and lighten up?

The Holy Spirit is the perfect guest that we can ever have. He is gentle and fills the soul with sweetness beyond compare. His work in us shows us how much we can really do and how much we are worth. We are worth all the blood shed on Calvary, a blood which through the Holy Spirit continues to be spilled for us every day on the altars.

The Holy Spirit, when asked in humility and sincerity, comes in loaded with gifts. Not the gifts we hope and aspire for but the gifts that He knows we need. He awakens the gifts that were already given to us but that we had not discovered and gifts that we were hesitant to admit we have busy as we are to do our own will rather than that of the Father.

Let our constant prayer be: Veni Sancte Spiritus!

Please keep in your prayers the seventeen new deacons that this morning received the Order of the Diaconate at Westminster Cathedral for the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham. We wish them well as they prepare to be ordained priests in the coming days and weeks.

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