What kind of empty hand?

There is in man a restlessness that is destructive. Knowing to satisfy curiosity rather then seeking Truth; working simply to earn money rather then to contribute in bringing order over chaos; expanding for self-interest rather then for the sake of Beauty are just a few examples.

Restlessness might be a fundamental sin of our time. The multiple channels on TV, the myriads of subjects on any search engine, just help not only to give us a wider perspective and induct us as members of the global village; they provide a wide platform for our innate restlessness, to switch from topic to topic, from thought to thought, from work to work without pondering, evaluating, taking in and offering a contribution.

Restlessness does not allow some to enjoy healthy friendships; it harms families and sadly, destroys marriages. Restlessness is not dedication or hard work as the devil would like us to think. Restlessness is impatience, a showing forth of the fact that deep down we are not at harmony, we are empty. Restlessness leads to all sorts of spiritual and material damage that would need several of these blog posts to skim the surface.

The constant bombardment of images and phrases, scraps of information thrown at us as if they were valuable or deep insights fuel restlessness. In reality they are money making sensational empty messages. There is no depth to these. More then ever before: “…lead us not into temptation…”

How countercultural of the Lord to call us to him while saying: Do not let your hearts be troubled! The world calls for restlessness, emptiness, and an empty pair of hands at the end of life: nothing to show for it. The Lord calls us to be and not to do. To be still and ponder and be effective in our solid and faithful and countercultural contribution and witness.  An empty pair of hands at the end of life soiled and marked with love, and work and thoughtfulness. The Lord himself will touch these hands and recognizing in them an extension of his tokens of love on his own hands will lead us to the many mansions prepared for us. He said so.

Restlessness? Not for me thank you.

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