St George and the New Evangelisation

The celebration of the glorious Martyr St George is a day that fills us with courage and renewed hope in prayer.

St George stood up for what he believed and paid the ultimate price.

St George protected the Church of Christ (represented in the legend by the princess) against the assaults of sin, evil and the impious (represented by the dragon). The Victory of George is that he stood fearlessly in front of what others trembled before and this came from the conviction that the Risen Lord is with him.

Let us ask God through the intercession of our patron saint, to give us the courage to stand up against all those who today want to push aside the contribution of Christianity. Let us stand fearlessly in front of the powers of this fleeting world; knowing that behind us stands the power of Love shown forth so gloriously in the Resurrection of the Lord, the God of Truth.

Our new evangelisation has to be rooted in this trust and reliance on the Risen Lord. It is not the panic of searching for new words or methods, but the complete trust on Christ and his word. It is the gentleness of seeking the positive light of our Catholic Faith and before all else of living it, starting from the kneeling position.

This feast of our Patron calls us to stand on the side of Light, the Easter Light, to kneel in prayer, to engage our minds in the study of Holy things; in other words it is a call for us to step out of the slumber and apathy that we are becoming accustomed to and like St George and with St George to stand up for Jesus.

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