Change and decay…

I see that there are are only two possibilities in life, it is change or decay. Change might be unsettling as new and most probably uncharted waters have to be crossed, but this is the only way to grow and mature and deepen ones experience of life. I think how different it would be if countless Christians did not accept the newness of the Gospel of Christ and how different it might be if all Christians accepted and embraced such life changing values with joy and no hesitation. Once we stop changing we start decaying, generally when our body is lifeless. I see it that our call is to be changed “from glory into glory”; not our glory but His.

This blog has been veering slowly to the stage of decay. It was not that I was not interested in continuing it though I thought long and hard if it was the time to let it go. Since Ash Wednesday I was swamped with things, positive things that I would like to share briefly.

Two priests from the Ordinariate have been sponsored by the Catholic Conference of Bishops in England and Wales to go to Leuven and do the distance course JCL. It is a specialisation in the Canon Law of the Catholic Church. I say by distance as the requirement is to attend for two and a half weeks twice a year and follow lectures in between on video link. There is a lot of written work to be produced and also examinations to attend. I have to say that I feel honoured to be one of the two chosen, and that although time is at a premium I will serve the calling on me that the Church has made to the best of my ability.

On returning from Leuven it was half way through Lent. Books had to be printed, and as the translation of the Liturgy is new much typing had to be done. For Holy Week, my first as a Catholic priest, I was richly blessed spiritually and in all other manners. The church was full for all the Triduum celebrations. There are plenty of photographs on the Parish website here. It was a privilege to receive two new adult members into the Catholic Church via the Ordianriate and to baptise the son of a couple that were in the original group when we entered the Catholic Church last year.

Now I am looking forward to our pilgrimage to Walsingham, it leaves tomorrow and returns late on Divine Mercy Sunday. Please spare a prayer.

I decided to keep this blog going. I chose change and not decay. Like prayer, when it goes slow it is an indication from above to look at the structures. I applied this to the blog. It will be my thoughts and it will go under the name of Tenow8. More about this in a future post. I have the joy of serving the Catholics of Westerham and those of the Sevenoaks Ordinariate while being a priest of the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham. This is where the journey has taken me, and in this blog I will try to share it with you. To you all a truly holy Eastertide!

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