Fight the Good Fight

The unfolding clash between the Catholic Church in the United States and the Obama administration does send a worrying signal worldwide, which causes rightful concern, but is no surprise.

The faith revealed in its fullness by Jesus, proclaimed by the Twelve and guaranteed by their successors can never be of this world. The light of Christ strives to lift up fallen humanity from the swamps of evolution which it seems to prefer over the place of dignity and honour that God prepares for all who live in love. With and under God it is the survival of the loving not the survival of the fittest.

The Obama administration, in this instance, and the manifold other contexts worldwide are to be taken as opportunities for us Catholics to realize that we will have to start paying a price to witness. The time of lethargy that some of us inhabited and of relative comfort that some enjoyed is over. We need to stand up and be counted and be unpopular if needs be and maybe persecuted by those who have worldly authority. So be it! If our Lord and Master was persecuted why should we be exempt?

As never before we need to stand for the culture of life, for what is true and honourable in love. We need to promote the dignity of all and the beauty and splendor of Truth as revealed by Jesus.

We need to fall on our knees in prayer, we need to study our faith with joy and we need to proclaim it by all means with integrity. Above all else we are not and never must be afraid.

Our Holy Father, who confirms us in faith, has proclaimed a Year of Faith. Let each Catholic grab this opportunity with both hands. Let us all make an effort to be joyful witnesses of our Catholic Faith. This is my prayer and i sincerely hope that it will be yours too. Let us encourage each other as we get ready for the Year of Faith.

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