Sarum Sequence for Advent IV

Let us all rejoice together
To our God who all created,
Who hath founded all the worlds,
Made the heavens to shine in brightness,
Divers stars to gleam around;
Sun, the centre of the system;
Moon, the glory of the night;
And the other lesser splendours;
Sea, and earth, and hills, and plains,
Deeps and rivers infinite;
All the ample space of ether,
Where fly the birds; the winds, the rain,
All go forth to do Thy bidding,
Only Father, God alone;
Now, and unto endless ages,
Thee their praise doth glorify,
Who for us and our salvation
Didst Thine only Son send down,
Without spot, for our transgression,
Upon earth to suffer death.
Blessed Trinity, we pray Thee,
Rule our bodies and our souls,
Help us by Thy strong protection,
Grantus pardon for our sins.

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