St. Lucy V & M (283-304)

Born in Syracuse, Sicily, where she also received the crown of Martyrdom; she was of a noble Greek family, and was brought up as a Christian by her mother. Lucy made a vow of virginity and distributed her wealth to the poor. This generosity stirred the wrath of the unworthy youth to whom she had been unwillingly promised in marriage and who denounced her to Paschasius, the governor of Sicily. When it was decided to violate her virginity in a place of sin, Lucy, with the help of the Holy Spirit, stood immovable. She was finally put to death by the sword. Her name appears in the second list of saints of the First Eucharistic Prayer.

As a wise virgin, Lucy stands with a burning lamp to meet the Bridegroom. She points to the Church waiting for the coming of the Lord.

There was and still is a great popular veneration towards her since most ancient times.

 In Northern European countries, there is a custom of girls wearing white robes with red sashes to symbolise her virginity and martyrdom wearing a crown of lighted candles symbolising the light of the Christian witness amidst the darkness of this sinful world. Lucy is also the patron of those who have eyesight problems. The relics of St Lucy rest in Venice.

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