A Lovely Gift

All the Ordinariate groups in the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham have received the two volumes of the RSV Lectionary as a gift from faithful in the USA and even from Australia. Our group has also been the recipient of this lovely gift. In fact, the donor of our lectionaries, Mr Ernest Drew, intended for the lectionaries he donated to come to our group. These lectionaries are authorised for use in the Ordinariate masses.

Mr Drew is well known to some members of our group. He was a fellow pilgrim in the last pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Mr Drew quickly gelled with the group he met for the first time at the airport although he always followed closely our wonderful journey through the blog. I will never forget his joyful friendship and kindness; he has made his mark on the fellow pilgrims. When I celebrated Mass in Jerusalemn on our first day, he was the first to say to me that this was in fact the first Mass by an Ordinariate priest in the Holy Land.

I already had the opportunity to thank him for his friendship and support. I now want to publicly thank him for his very generous gift which is much appreciated. A Mass will be offered for him and his on Wednesday 13th December: St Lucy’s Day.

Dear Ernie– thank you!

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