Advent II

Here is the Sequence from the Sarum Missal for this Sunday, offered to help our reflections during this holy season:

Reception giving to the King eternal,

Devout assembly, shout aloud;

To the Creator give His honour due,

To Whom the heavenly hosts sing praise:

Enlightened as they look upon His Face,

For whom all living souls do wait

Till they at His command shall stand for trial.

In all His judgements strict and terrible,

Yet in His mightiness remembering mercy,

Save us, O Christ, of Thy vast clemency,

Who for our sake didst suffer agony.

Raise to the stars that brightly gleam above us

The world which Thou dost cleanse from its pollution.

Let Thy saving health appear

Scattering perils far and near,

Give purity to all,

Give peace, we pray.

So we that here are saved by Thy pity,

May reach with joy Thy realm above hereafter,

Where Thou in Majesty dost reign for ever!

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