Holy Land – Day 2

Arrival at Manger Square

Entering through the door of humility where all have to bow in front of the manger, except children.

In the basilica of the Nativity

Byzantine mosaic floor of the basilica

Mass in the recently restored chapel of St Helen with crusader affrescoes

Christmas Mass

The Franciscans allowed us the use of the Bethlehem bambino

The (smiling) Madonna of Bethlehem

At the place of the Nativity

Prayers at the place of the Nativity: O come let us adore him!

The cave of St Jerome

The church of St Catherine of Alexandria

The streets of Bethlehem

The house of the Holy Family known as the church of the lactation

Here our Lord was nursed

Our Lady of tenderness

Local Franciscan Friar explaining the miraculous nature of this holy place

The market after Friday prayers

variation on a themelunch at Beit Shahour

Here the shepherds watched their flocks when glory shone all round

In the church of the Angels

Ein Karim, where Mary visited Elisabeth

The church of the Visitation in the hill country of Judea

Tell out my soul...

The basilica of the nativity of St John the Baptist

Here John the Baptist was born.

On the road to Emmaus

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