Pilgrimage to the Holy Land – Day 1

Notre Dame of Jerusalem Centre - as we arrived early this morning after a long flight and a long drive.

The Orthodox procession of the Assumption which some of us woke up early to go and watch - an unforgettable experience!

Here the precious Icon is being carried from the Holy Sepulchre to the Assumption Church.

Another part of the procession

We then made our way to the Holy Sepulchre!

After breakfast the coach drove us up to the place of the Ascension.

We then walked to the place where Jesus taught his disciples how to pray. Our father who .....

Next to the  place where Jesus sat his disciples to teach them the Our Father.

Down the Palm Sunday route

Mass at Dominus Flevit

A great summary of the history of the Old City by Dawod our so knowledgeable guide

The monastery run by Russian Orthodox Nuns on the way down to Gethsemane - we were lucky as it only is open two mornings a week.

Inside the church - very peaceful!

Down to Gethsemane

Into the Church of All Nations

After some time absorbing the church's atmosphere we gathered outside to sing: 'Drop drop slow tears'

And finally before lunch but certainly not least - The Dormition Church (where the Icon in procession this morning was displayed for adoration).

After lunch we started by visiting the Upper Room.

We then walked across to the Dormition Church.

A hymn to the Virgin Mary

And last but not least a peaceful visit to St. Peter in Galicanto

with a gathering of thoughts down in the prison where Jesus was kept in the house of Caiphas.

After a quick shower we all went down for supper, tired but certainly having thoroughly enjoyed the day and all looking forward to tomorrow.

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