on waiting on His word.

This morning I had the joy to preside at a concelebrated Mass in honour of St Mary Magdalene. It is a great joy to ponder about the garden on that Easter morning and see the contemplative Magdalene keeping vigil at the tomb even when all have gone away. She holds tight to every word of the Beloved and waits on him in puzzlement but in faith. In that context she was the first witness of the Resurrection, the result of which was announcing it to the Church. How much we can learn from the Magdalen! The need to contemplate and be still even when we do not understand, especially when we do not understand. True contemplation will lead us to evangelise, to bear the Good News of Easter to the Church and beyond. News that is needed in our time as never before.

The concelebrated Mass this morning enabled me to experience the universality of the Catholic Church. One of the concelebrants was a Monsignor from Malawi and another a priest fromUganda, and then me from Sevenoaks via Malta. Where we are from does not matter we are one in communion with the successor of Peter gathered around one altar celebrating the same sacrifice all around the globe.

In a few days time I will have the utter joy of spending time with family in Malta. All the Aquilinas are looking forward to a time of refreshment and repose. I am looking forward to catch up with some books and with my pillow! I will have the time I need to polish up my dissertation for the MA course I am finishing and to prepare for the impending pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

Packing books and ornaments is never easy especially when one is downsizing. We are now nearly there and literally living from boxes as we had to postpone our move. I am very excited at starting my ministry in Westerham and in continuing to serve the Sevenoaks Ordinariate as it shapes itself this autumn. God has been good and looked after us during the last eventful seven or eight months, he has provided for us and sent us people who cared for us and supported us.

Wise was the Magdalene to hold on his word, he keeps his word for ever.

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