The Ordinariate at Walsingham

For the first time since its establishment the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham gathered into its spiritual home for a pilgrimage.

Mass was celebrated in the packed Chapel of Reconciliation as outside pilgrims were not simply sprinkled but drenched. The spirits however were not drowned as could be seen from the joyful feel of the celebration. The principal celebrant was Mgr Keith Newton PA who also delivered an encouraging homily focusing on Our Lady of Mount Carmel whose commemoration was celebrated with the Church throughout the world.

After Mass thee was time for lunch and adoration. By then the sun shone and the long procession winded its way along the Holy Mile with the recitation of the Rosary.

The pilgrimage was vey warmly welcomed in the Anglican shrine by Bishop Lindsay Urwin who, as ever, spoke very warmly and generously. Pilgrims were sprinkled and received a joint blessing from Mgr Newton and Bishop Urwin.

This was truly an uplifting day, a joyous celebration where the Ordinariate gathered at the feet of our Lady of Walsingham.

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