Let them put Christ before all else!

Saint Benedict, one of his first depictions

The above words come from the rule of St Benedict. St Benedict is one of the patron saints of Europe and the founder of Western Monasticism. There is a lot of info about him on the net, so I limit myself to one reflection.

I always saw the above captioned words as capturing the essence of the spirituality of St Benedict. They also are the only response that every baptised is working to achieve to the call received in baptism.

Subiaco - the place where Benedict learnt how to put Christ before all else.

Benedict calls us to put Christ not only as first but before all else; all our life is enjoyed in the light of the words and actions of our saviour. Gradually, the light of Christ so penetrates our inmost being that it is “not I who live but Christ that lives in me”.

Montecassino - from where Benedict taught us to put Christ before all else!

The call of the Christian is to be so united with Christ that others may see Christ in him or her. This is a lifelong achievement, moments of excelling and others of falling short. To get there is only one school: that of humility; the starting point and point of constant reference is to put Christ before all else. What we think, what we say and what we do finds its source and completion in Christ. Could there be a shorter and yet better programme of holiness? Try it today and taste and see how good this is: Put Christ before all else!

The tomb of St Benedict in Montecassino

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