of good and evil

The phone hacking scandal betrays something sinister deeply embedded in the culture in which we live. This is not merely the invasive twitching of the curtains from neighbours to see the comings and goings of others which is always undesirable. This is invading the sanctity of privacy. But as nothing is sacred anymore, what do we expect? It is painful for me to witness these sick revelations of hacking phones not only of politicians and the great and the good or whatever but now even of victims of despicable crimes; how much more difficult it must be for those vicms. The values of an aggressive secular ethic know no end. On the altar of financial gain from selling news (or so they call it) no restrictions need apply. Thankfully this is now out in the open and fortunately it now seems that this will be tackled. But why not before? Why did people in offices of trust allowe this to happen? Sad indeed.

This reminds me of so many other evils inflicted on people like exploitation, human trafficking, modern day slavery and victims of rape just to name a few. We live in an unclean environment and as we heard in the gospel proclaimed today we are called to make clean the unclean. How?

If we look at the saint we celebrate today we will have the answer. Maria Goretti, a child just four months short of her twelfth birthday. She had an easy way out; if she gave in for the sexual fantasies of Allessandro (19 year old) she would have been spared. The young girl knew that this was against God’s will and she put up a fight, a fight that she lost after being butchered. She kept screaming, “No! It is a sin! God does not want it!”  That is enough to admire the greatness of this child; however during her last day on earth, it took her a full day after the incident to die, she forgave Alessandro and wished to meet him in heaven. This love brought healing and Alessandro repented. It is love which makes the unclean clean. Love, generous, painful and unconditional love. The love to which our beloved Master summons us each day. Christian love, expressed in generosity can heal the world in which we live. The light of the Gospel, that loving light beyond all telling, will make a huge difference. That love is the only place where any evangelisation can start. Such huge task, and it is entrusted to us.

Maria Goretti

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