Good Shepherd Sunday

The Good Shepherd calls us by our own name. We are not an anonymous entity in the flock; on the lips of our Shepherd there is my name and your name.

This Shepherd takes his sheep out of the pen. He “leads them out”. Our Shepherd is not one who encloses in a “safe” boundary, behind walls and locked doors. Our Shepherd is one of open spaces. A Shepherd of freedom and of trust. He leads from the front. He does not push his flock in his direction, he is the Shepherd that makes and finds new roads. He is the gate: to freedom, to space, to true love, love stronger then death. He is the life giver. He is not the manna for one day but the food for forty years in the desert, he is the bread for five thousand people, he is the gentle touch on the head of children, he is the freshness of the cured lepers, he is the open stone in Lazarus’ tomb, he is the hundred brothers for those who left their home, he is the forgiveness for seventy times seven, he is the costly nard. He is the true Shepherd. He leads to freedom and life.

The vocation of the Christ and our vocation is to seek open spaces and to be givers of life.

Today we are asked to pray for Vocations. Visit this website here.

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