Sacrum Silentium

Today is the day of silence. Silence is not the absence of words, although that is a step in the right direction. Silence is neither the absence of thoughts. Silence is being in the heart of who you really are.
Silence is the realisation that no words can plead our cause; that is done by the blood of Christ. Silence is the awareness that only the ungodly fret. In fact I understand the absence of silence as fretting. We fret when we think that things are going wrong because we lost control, because we are in charge of our own destiny etc… Yes, we shape our destiny but our fulfilment is only in God. Many a times we loose silence as we fret trying to get our lives doing what we think is best. Thus many a people fall entrapped as slaves of worldly possessions and worldly philosophies, always trying to catch up with the vain spirit of the passing times. Christ says to us, as we heard in the Office of Readings today, “I did not create you to be a prisoner in hell”. And many are experts in creating new hells of addiction, violence, hatred, jealousy and so many others. Many, sadly, are living in the desperation of the hells of their own making. I think they are saying: “I shall not see the Lord in the Land of the living” (Is38:11)
We pray that we may realise that the Mystery we are celebrating this day is one of hope. “The Lord will save me!” (Is 38:20) whatever I have done.
If only we hear Hosea: “Come let us return to the Lord…on the third day he WILL raise us and we shall live in His presence” (Hos 5:15-6:2)
Yes, it is hope which is the key of Christian life. Sure and certain hope. Those who hope are just and the just will rejoice in the Lord. (Ps63)
Hope enables us to live in the presence of the Lord, to rest in him: “Caro mea requiescant in spe”
Hope in him, hold firm and take heart. Hope in the Lord! (Ps 26) Not even the bitterness of the bleak grave can shatter this hope!
Silence is not the absence of words, but the realisation of sure and certain hope in the Word made flesh.

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