And now unto Jerusalem…

What a joy it is to follow Christ the King in Jerusalem and live with him, in intimacy, the greatest week that ever happened. Holy Week is a roller coaster of events, from the joy of Palm Sunday, the warmth of the Upper Room, the intimate prayer in Gethsemani to the coldness of betrayal and denial, the cruelty of a trial, the horror of the passion to the mind blowing event of Easter Sunday. Once more we are being called by the Church to re-live these moments of glory, the hour which opened the door for us poor mortals to partake fully in the life of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

This Holy Week may our prayer be one of total abandon in the hands of God just like Jesus approached his hour.

For some of us this week has added significance as we enter in full communion with the Catholic Church. This means that we are entering deeper into the communion of the Triune God, the achievement won for us by the Christ in the events of this week. We enter into communion with millions of people worldwide and with them walk the road that leads to an empty tomb. With them, we are now called, to be witnesses of the Resurrection in communion with the successor of Peter who is the first and universal witness of Easter! We enter into this fold with a prayer in our heart: a prayer for Church unity especially this year when all Christians celebrate Easter on the same day. We bring in our love and prayers those brothers and sisters that have been part of our journey in faith until just a few weeks ago asking that we may be for them witnesses of God’s love and generosity. We bring with us into Holy Week Fr Keith, our Ordinary, and his family. We pray that Fr Keith will be strengthened and richly blessed as he leads us in this new and evangelistic structure with much dedication and care. We bring in with us Frs Broadhurst, Burnham, Silk and Barnes who have so generously shown us the way. We bring with us in our hearts and prayers the congregations that we are joining and that have been so welcoming.

Wherever you are and whoever you may be I pray that this Holy Week will see you grow in joy, and faith, and hope and love. Oremus invicem!

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