O blessed and most merciful Lord…

A prayer for those preparing to join the Ordinariate:

O blessed and most merciful Lord Jesus Christ, whose love for us was so strong, so powerful, and so determined, that you willingly climbed the tree of shame, grant us a share in your sufferings and passion.

As we enter this most solemn period of preparation and penance, guide and guard us; enfold us in your sweet heart, enrich us with your most precious blood, and enable us to endure the sufferings and torments we inflict by our sin through the gentle absolution of your love.

Bring us fully to the foot of the cross where, with your sorrowful Mother, we might share in the sufferings and grief she shared with you. Bring us through death, with you, and to the glories of your resurrection: the great victory won by your sacrifice.

As we journey into a share in your passion, death and resurrection, make us share more fully in the life you share with the Father and the Holy Spirit. Bring us completely into the unity of love: that mystic bond which binds and unites all. Bring us into the full communion of your Church so that we may rest assured of our closeness to you.

May your passion and suffering bring strength to the Ordinariate. May it grow in strength and charity. May your sacrifice which has bought our redemption, bring about the unity of your Church for which you prayed. May your command in the Upper Room, your example on Calvary, and your prayer in Gethsemane be as one for us – the perfect model and fulfilment of all that we seek to be.

O sweet and most holy Jesus, our companion and our eternal King, be with us as we come to you, and bring us home to you at the last, to rest in that kindly light of heaven, where with Mary, our Mother, and Blessed John Henry, our patron, we may remain for ever in your love, world without end.

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