The journey goes deeper

A very full church last night for the Ash Wednesday Mass at St Thomas. It was a significant day marking the beginning of Lent and a turning point in the journey of a group of Anglicans to Catholicism.

For St Thomas’ this was the sixth Mass of the Day and the eighth imposition of Ashes. Fr James and I attended one of the morning Masses (in the lovely village of Otford and again another packed church).

On our part, we thought that we shall be blessed with a quiet and prayerful Ash Wednesday. Prayerful it was, quiet not so much as many journalists where on the phone or at the door for most of the day.

Fr Harvey of St Thomas’ made his very best to welcome the group, so did his parishioners. We felt welcome indeed. Here we are at a different church, surrounded by new faces, being given a clean slate to shape the liturgical and pastoral practices of the Ordinariate in Sevenoaks. We felt blessed to be there and now to stand with the Catholic Church.

At Mass the hymns were the usual Lenten favourites, but the recessional was very special: “The Church’s one foundation…” All of us were moved indeed; it was a great start of this new phase of our journey.

Pray with us so that Mary, star of our journey and Queen of the Ordinariate, may continue to lead us.

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