An end and a beginning

Moving indeed was this morning as we witnessed the parting of friends; some to celebrate their Anglican heritage, others to be united with the rock from which they were hewn.

Fr Ivan celebrated his last Anglican Eucharist, as did Fr James. After the Angelus, which today took place at the Walsingham Altar, Fr Ivan and Fr James signed their resignations as the Walsingham hymn was sung. The journey into the Ordinariate for some and the interregnum for others was placed in the hands of Our Lady of Walsingham, Queen of the Ordinariate.

After Mass all repaired in the hall were a presentation was made to Fr James, Fr Ivan and Claudia.

The journey has now started and the Blessed Virgin Mary indeed is the star of this pilgrimage!

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One Response to An end and a beginning

  1. My prayers are with you both on this journey. God bless us all

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