Apostolic Nuncio

Archbishop Antonio Mennini - Apostolic Nuncio to Great Britain

For those finding their way in the Catholic Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham there are some words and concepts that may be unfamiliar. One of these might be the term Apostolic Nuncio.

An Apostolc Nuncio is an ambassador, a Nuntius Apostolicus is one who brings the news from the treshold of the Apostle Peter to other nations and the news of other nations to the same Apostle. The Pope is also a Head of State. The Papal state is called the Holy See. The Nuncio is his ambassador to a particular nation, he also is the link between the local church in the country to which he is sent and the Holy See. His contribution is vital in the appointment of diocesan bishops when Diocesan Sees become vacant.

The nuncio for Great Britain has just been appointed by the Pope. Yesterday he went to visit Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II to offer her his credentials. Following ancient protocol he went in a carriage as you can see from the following pics taken by Westminster Catholic.

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