The foolishness of the Cross

It seems that preparations for groups of Anglicans to join the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham are full speed ahead. The numbers of groups around the country are literally growing by the day over at the Ordinariate portal blog.

This is a historic and prophetic moment.  So much is entrusted in the hands of a few pioneers. It is historic but its proportions will be only described when the history of this time will be written. Its prophetic measure will be revealed when those called now join in the long line of people who after Abraham have walked the walk of faith, trusting only in the word of the unseen God.

Obviously these people will soon start their journey, and as all the journeys of faith that have happened before, it will be riddled by pitfalls and opposition. Some might call it foolish, others divisive, and others yet as sinful, but is not that what they called the Son of God and his followers?

Many of those on this journey have been praying and longing for Christian Unity. The Ordinariate is the answer to their prayers. It is a call from God made manifest through the Church. God called Abraham and Moses and Elijah and Mary and so many others and then he waited patiently for their free response, what a generous, gentle and kind God we have. He is the same God who is calling people to join the Ordinariate. If that call is being directed at you – answer generously and with joy in faith. Place your hands in those of God, commit your worries to prayer and when people hurt you and say things to you that are unjust rejoice, that is a clear sign of blessing! It is part of the foolishness of the cross which we embrace as we know and live its infinite value.

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